3 Secret Motivation for Workout

3 Secret Motivation for Workout

February 1, 2018 Off By New Smyrna Beach Online

I remember when I was a gym member who set a goal to obtain a toned body and weight loss, I did not actually end up being able to constantly go to the gym. Working out is one of those things that all of us are aware of its benefits, but when the time comes you always have a million of reasons not to go—too busy, too tired, or you will go tomorrow. If you are not a fitness addict, I believe going to the gym is a struggle for you. Let’s be precise, actually, workout is not the hard bit, instead of getting yourself out of your couch and to the gym are the hard bits. Here based on my personal experience for years, I have 3 secrets on how to easily get your ass to the gym. Read on and trust me, they really work!

1.    Don’t Force Yourself

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I bet you were astonished and thought this when you saw this sub-title, “What?! How I get myself to the gym is by forcing and pushing myself.” Yes, one of the benefits workouts offers is that it strengthens your willpower, and that is what the pushing stage does. By “don’t force yourself” I mean don’t force yourself if you don’t like a treadmill. Accept that you are not a runner and try various exercises and find your thing. Probably you are a yoga lover, and it works on your posture, muscle tone, and cardio. It becomes a lot easier without saying if you are doing something you love. You don’t have to go through a stage where you beat yourself up because you skip the gym, instead you will feel better and fulfilled about yourself.

2.    Attend a Workout Competition

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A competition has come a long way for its reason. Not only will it boost work morale and team connection, but also help you get your motivation to work out. Look for a gym club where there are workout competitions and make sure to participate! If the gym you are in does not hold a competition, an alternative is to connect with other gym members who go to the same gym and hold a competition yourself. It doesn’t have to be a formal one, and an oral competition for the coming week would work just fine. Remember to reward yourself if you win the competition. Gather little funds from your gym buddies in the game, and use the money to buy something like trainers or a trophy in a trophy shop.

3.    Little Steps Count

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It is fine that you don’t always feel motivated, especially when you get tired from tight schedules and life gets crazy. But there is another trick to get yourself to exercise—little steps work wonders! You can start by pushing yourself to get out of bed and clean your teeth if you wake up, secondly put your gym clothes on (it is not hard to get changed, right?). If you still don’t feel like going to the gym after putting your clothes on, allow yourself to get back in bed. However, the result is usually the opposite because you may not want to get back into bed with your gym clothes on. Thirdly, tell yourself that you can go home in 15 minutes if you don’t want to be there when you arrive at the gym. This trick works, because we tend to stay in the gym once we get there.