5 Reasons Why Partitions Aren’t Just Useful for Office Spaces  

5 Reasons Why Partitions Aren’t Just Useful for Office Spaces  

June 30, 2018 Off By New Smyrna Beach Online

When people think of partitions the first thing that springs to mind is office spaces. But what few people realise is that partitions can actually be used in a number of different ways and can be really beneficial to other industries. Particularly in customer-focused spaces. It’s not all about breaking up office space – in this post we’ll explore 5 other ways in which partitions can be really effective!

1 – Separating Customer and Employee Only Areas  

In most customer facing premises, there aren’t many areas which are specifically designated for employees only. Well optimised partitions provide a discreet and non-intrusive way of concealing doors to certain areas, making it less likely for customers to wander off, finding themselves in restricted areas. Not only can partitions prevent this, but they can also successfully improve the overall appearance of an area as well!



2 – Dedicated Space for Having Private Conversations with Customers  

Partitions are also handy for giving people privacy, particularly when dealing with customers one-to-one. Perfect for businesses who deal with things such as legal advice, finances or insurance where customers may have to share and disclose more personal information. Well-optimised partitions can give them the privacy that they need to feel more comfortable – this is a much more cost effective way of achieving this end rather than having to build dedicated offices for customer interactions.


3 – Separate Areas for Various Products  

Partitions are handy for breaking up a shop and organising various sections of your store to make them easier to navigate for customers. Ideal for larger areas which are used for a number of different products, so that you can easily break it up without taking away from the spacious feeling.


kitchen in office4 – Kitchenette or Breakroom Area  

Having partitions installed is always a much more cost effective way of creating dedicated spaces. For example, rather than having a dedicated breakroom installed, you can simply partition off a particular area in your premises for people to enjoy their lunch and take a break.



Recreational area  5 – Recreational  

Some companies like to utilise partitions in order to create dedicated space for different activities. For example, they might want to encourage their staff to regularly take breaks away from their desks, in order to do various exercises. Having an area with medicine balls and yoga matts for example, is a new and modern way of inspiring a healthy work life.

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