5 Tips for Pulling off the Perfect Corporate Catering Event  

5 Tips for Pulling off the Perfect Corporate Catering Event  

June 11, 2018 Off By New Smyrna Beach Online

Planning a corporate event is a busy process and can be hard to pull off. Planning something which will have everyone enjoying the atmosphere, spending time mingling with one another and more importantly: loving the food – it’s no easy task. If you really want to blow the socks off your guests and impress, then you’re going to have to get a little creative and think outside the box.

In this post we are going to explore 5 tips for pulling off the perfect corporate catering event – from the experts: Coastal Catering, of Wamberal in Australia. Are you ready for some refreshing ideas?

 Catering Platter Server1 – Serve by the Season  

Seasonal dishes which incorporate the best of what’s fresh, are perfect for engaging guests. This will get them excited about trying new foods, particularly if the ingredients are sourced locally. You’ll also be doing your local region a justice by designing some new and delicious dishes using the best local ingredients – Make sure that you’re talking about it as well, when people hear that something is sourced locally, they’re always keen to try it! Now watch as your guests line up with mouth-watering anticipation! 


2 – It’s all About Presentation!  

If you want to see those mouths watering, then presentation is the key! Think about different eye-catching techniques, for example grouping and cording food by colour and using various multi-level displays. Every detail counts, from where guests should gather their cutlery and plates, how much lighting there is and how the overall experience and accessibility feels.

Using things like wooden boards as opposed to bog-standard dishes makes food all the more inviting as well. Be creative with how you present your food and what utensils you use for doing so. Quite literally, the only limitation is your imagination. 



3 – Reinvent the Classics  

Surprise your guests by putting a spin on some classic dishes! Be as creative as you can and find new and exciting ways of delivering food. For example, the classic cheese and pineapple sticks could be reshaped into fried mozzarella and pineapple balls – be adventurous!


4 – Interactive Menus   

People love playing with their food! To encourage people to spend more time up chatting with one another, you could optimise the way that you deliver food to your guests. So, various interactive food and do-it-yourself stations are a great way of inspiring conversation. Make your own sushi or create your own pizzas for example. Again, you can be as bold and creative as you dare to be!


them event5 – Themed Events  

We all love a good theme, particularly when its paired well with the food! For example, Coastal Catering might encourage a classic ‘tropical island’ or ‘nautical’ theme with various seafood dishes, Mediterranean style bites and plenty of fresh fruit. Or perhaps a fun ‘Around the World in 80 Meals’ spin-off with a wide selection of different meals, appetisers, snacks and deserts. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve but creating a theme which ties in nicely with the food which you are serving is a great way to get people excited!