Considerations Before Heading Off

Considerations Before Heading Off

April 10, 2018 Off By New Smyrna Beach Online

If you are thinking about a camping trip out in the bush there are a few things to consider before heading off. Most adventurers are a tough breed, and they know how to look after themselves out in the sticks, but there are things which we sometimes overlook. Small details that might be beneficial in an emergency. Let’s take a look at a few thing swe can do to make any upcoming trip that little bit safer:


campingLet People at Home Know Your Route – Even if you are not alone, and even if you have every provision known to mankind it is a smart move to let someone at home know where you’re going. If there is a terrible accident and you cannot contact anyone at least there’s a chance you can be traced. There have been many cases of people setting off on an adventure never to be seen again. This leaves family and friends in a terrible situation. They may fear the worst but they’ll never be able to stop wondering what happened. It may be a morbid thought, but would you want loved ones to be left not knowing your fate? None of us can predict the future. Any one of us can find ourselves in a desperately unlucky situation. Why made it more difficult for others than it needs to be.


Take a Firearm – Many campers will already take a rifle with them, but a surprising number do not. There are a lot of people with an understandable distaste for firearms, but out in the bush it could be the one most important item you’ll ever need. We all want to enjoy nature, and we all know that nature can be terrifyingly violent at times. If you find yourself in a situation where there is no way of making an effective exit it may be necessary to use force. If so, there is no better way than with a firearm. If a dangerous predatory animal has a you in its sights the best thing to do is fire a warning shot. If that doesn’t work at least you have a possibility of defending yourself.

No one wants a confrontation, and very few people take pleasure in killing, but very occasionally it may be a necessary measure.


Take a Quality Comms Device – We all rely on our smartphones for everything these days, but out in the bush you won’t have much use for one. The coverage after 100 km will diminish greatly, and eventually the signal will be lost entirely. If you are with a group it is a good idea to have walkie-talkies. Depending on which type, and depending on the environment, these devices can offer communication over tens of kilometers. Also, it is a very good idea to take along a UHF radio and telescopic antenna. UHF frequencies can travel very long distances as long as there is a line of sight. Always having the ability to extend an antenna about the tree canopy will ensure good communication even in very deep bush. In Australia GME products are among the best purchases for this type of use.