Here’s Why You’re Better Off Hiring Temp Staff for an Event

Here’s Why You’re Better Off Hiring Temp Staff for an Event

November 13, 2018 Off By New Smyrna Beach Online

There’s a certain stigma that surrounds hiring temporary staff which puts people off. And of course, that’s a wonderful thing, that people would prefer to offer people a full-time position, rather than see them out of work again once an event is over. However, hiring temp promo staff through an event staffing agency is entirely different. You see, they’re only temporarily working with you! This means that they will not be out of the job afterwards! That, and it also means that they’ve likely been working plenty of events before yours as well. So, what are the benefits of hiring temp promotional staff? Read on and find out!

staff1 – They have plenty of experience

We’ve already loosely touched on this, but there’s good reason to hire temp staff through an agency and that is because there will be no training required. All of the staff that you take on will have significant experience in the industry already. Yes, they will need briefing on some of the specifics, however, most of them will be able to work independently without too much in the way of management.

2 – You’ll save money

It’s actually cheaper to hire temporary staff, as you won’t have to worry about salary and benefits. All you need to do is pay the staffing agency and they will take care of the rest. In addition to that, there’s no good in hiring permanent staff unless you have enough work to keep them busy and earning their wage.

3 – Reputation


By hiring a reputable staff agency like First Class Crew, for example, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that their staff have been thoroughly vetted and well-trained. This means that you can get on with your job and focus on the million and one other things that you have to worry about.

4 – Equipment

Most temp staff will have the relevant equipment required for an event. For example, if you’re hiring an AV (audio visual) team, then they will come with all of the relevant gear that they will need to pull the event off without a hitch. This saves you from having to hire out gear from another company. That, and they will obviously have much more experience working with their own equipment, so they won’t need briefing on how to use it. If anything, they’ll be teaching you things!

5 – Staff synergy

And of course, most staffing agencies will have a wide variety of personnel will different specialities available. Many of these will have worked together on previous projects. This existing rapport and synergy will go a long way towards your event running smoothly.

Do some research and check out a few different staffing agencies. You can reach out on social media to see if any friends and colleagues have had any dealings with them. In addition to that, look up any testimonials and online reviews to gauge whether or not they can be relied on.