Pre-planning Before Moving Home

Pre-planning Before Moving Home

March 24, 2018 Off By New Smyrna Beach Online

Moving home? It can be a tremendous stress on a family, especially if there are young children involved. However, if it needs to be done there’s a good way and a bad way to do it. A bit of forward planning can be very helpful in making things run smoothly.  Let’s look at a few things which can be done to make the whole process that little bit easier for everyone concerned:


Use a Furniture Removals Company – Too many homeowners think they can save money by moving all their belongings by themselves. The thought of hiring a large van and possibly making a few journeys sounds like a reasonably sound plan to most of us. But the journey is just one part of the operation. To begin with all the furniture needs to be safely and securely loaded onto a vehicle, then thoughtfully delivered and installed in a new property. The truth is a lot can go wrong, and many homeowners are unfamiliar with the procedure of securing such unusual cargo. There are often breakages and damage to furniture. The task of physically moving large pieces like sofas and wardrobes can be very taxing, and someone unaccustomed to the job will not be aware of the clever techniques removals professionals use to make light work of the load.  To save a lot of unnecessary stress it is advisable to call in the services of a professional company.


Professional Cleaner Use a Professional Cleaner – If you are leaving a home for another person to move into then it might be a nice idea to have the place professionally cleaned before you leave. Not that you are dirty, but once all your furniture and belongings are removed it may become apparent where you never really managed to get that vacuum cleaner or duster when you lived there. Also, if the same courtesy hasn’t been provided at your new home, to save a lot of time, why not hire a cleaner to give it a good initial deep-clean. Nobody wants to move into a dirty more, and at least you’ll know that from then on all the mess, dust, and dirt are yours, and your family’s, responsibility.


Hire a Skip – Without a doubt there will be lots of garbage to throw out when leaving. We all keep things we don’t use, and a family can start to hoard a fair amount of junk over a few years. So when it comes time to move somewhere new the big question will be what comes and what get thrown away? If you’re smart, you’ll be merciless with a lot of things. A good rule is – if you haven’t used the item in 12 months chances are you never will. If there is value to it offer it to friends or family or charity. If not, bin it.

You’ll probably find that you have a lot to throw away, and to put it all in a wheelie bin may not be an option. This is where skip bin hire may be a good idea. It can be a overwhelming task trying to get all this stuff to a recycling yard, especially when you have so many other overwhelming things to do. Best leave it to the experts.